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Was it real love?

We are humans and for us it is not uncommon to either dwell in the past or think about the future. Due to my book “Make Love Work” I was addressed by are reader who wanted to know if her

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The Curse of Being a Princess

Today I am going to tell you a sad story. It is the story of a woman and man in a far place and I guess even far in time. The woman was a little princess, like all the woman there. Then on day a man crossed her path and because she was not very experienced, she thought this feeling she felt was love. It made her feel good but she was a smart woman too. Like a princess in a mud kingdom she had grown up under hard conditions,

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Adultry in the Mind

There, our pastor told us about the 10 commandments and that “Thou shallst not desire your neighbors wife …” And of course only thinking about it, would be sin.
I said how can that be? I first have to think (I want this woman) before I know what I will think and know it is a sin…

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Are you married or in a long lasting relationship?

First I thought this is a silly question. Why would anybody read this blog, if all is fine in the emotional section of his/he life?
But there it starts! You can be married or in a long time relationship and still not be happy, feel …

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I was so much in love, and now …

A mathematical comparison of a multiplication and a relationship. Not as a 1:1 example, but as a guideline to help you see where you and you in your relationship stand. Learn to keep all factors that matter above zero.

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Age differences in a relationship

Younger woman and older man, a theme we are confronted with by aging or by a public figure who takes what he can and wants and not what the public thinks he should do. Why are we attracted to youth? Why do grandparents cherish their young grand children? IS there a similar reason why older men like young woman?

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Is there an ideal relationship or marriage II?

Two different sides of an ideal marriage. How should we handle a past relationship of the former spouse is gone and we are willing to go into a new relationship?

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