About makelovework

Eugen Grathwohl 2010 in his office

Eugen Grathwohl 2010 in his office in Taytay

Do you think it is a strange name?
Well, I was interested in love since I became aware of myself. First I thought love and sex are the same, or better sex is an expression of love, but this changed when I had my first relationship. Probably like many of you, I went through experiences and did a lot of reading and thinking. Still “love” seemed to be a mistery.

I am a little extreme: As wrongly as I associated love with sex at first, I tend to consider divine love, the love without condition, vairag, as the only true love now. Bear with me! This blog is not the answer to YOUR questions, it is some insights into the answers of my questions. I hope you enjoy reading and hopefully it will stimulate you, to explore new realms!


One comment on “About makelovework
  1. Dharmesh Bhatt says:

    Healthy-happy discussion always welcome, i like it

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