Are you a princess?

So your father told you you are a princess? Or did he say you are his princess?  I like the TV show Big Bang Theory. One of the characters there – Amy – is crazy about wearing a tiara. I do not want to hurt you but for me, it does not look royal in most cases.

I recently was chatting with a woman about 38 years old in Tagged. When I asked her about the requirements she said she wants to be his princess.  You know my mind can be fast and with this sentence a saw a job description in my inner eyes.

A princess is the daughter if a king destined to find her prince and then become his queen!

It is true we never see a princess making her bed, cleaning the room or washing the dishes! But princesses speak several languages, know how to dress properly, make conversations and make decisions for the country. And to do this she needs to know psychology, economy, history and probably a lot more..and guess what? She was not born with it, she had to learn it!

I know we live in the media age and mostly are shown the nice sides of life. We want to be celebrities. But it is not easy to become one. To be princess you have to be born royal, but you can live like a princess by becoming an actress for example. Do you know how actors life? Do you know how hard it is to become an actor?  Do you know how many aspiring (or should I say frustrated) actors and actresses around Hollywood work as waitresses, drivers or something similar until the end of their days without ever making it to the spotlight? (but I appreciate if someone follows his dream!)

I do not like submissive woman, but it is funny, I recently saw a report in the German TV about today’s aristocrats in Germany and it seemed rather to be a curse than a jackpot.

What I really wonder is why so many woman want to be a princess! It would be nice if you could share your reason!


If you want to be a princess and of your relationships seem not to work maybe my eBook “Make Love Work” may help you to repair it!


I am soul in a male body and I "think" I came into this life to learn about love and lovers

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