A new book and a request

Cover of And Lead us into Temptation or: The Benefits of a 'false' Prophet by Eugen Grathwohl

Cover of And Lead us into Temptation or: The Benefits of a ‘false’ Prophet

I published another book in Amazon (congratulation hehehe).  You know they say no tow things can occupy the same space at the same time. So if there is love there is no space for fear and vice verse. My new book And lead us into Temptation or The Benefits of a ‘false’ Prophet deals a lot about fear. If you ever faced leaving an often invisible part of your life behind, knows what I am talking about. If you are faces with the unknown and no longer have the attitude of a child you can comprehend.

If you are happy on your religious or spiritual path, this book is not for you! But if you are in a position to help people not only as friend but on a professional level (Priest, pastor, Rabbi or personal Trainer and shrink)  it might be worth reading to avoid bringing your own fears into the suggestions for your clients.

The funny thing that happened was that shortly after the publishing a young female friend addressed me and asked me why I do not write about true love. When I pointed out that I already wrote a book about it Make Love Work she said that it is not really what she meant. What do you think?

For sure people in their teens or early twenties have a different outlook on life then people past their fifties. I think we all have the notion to dream of an ever lasting relationship. And if it does not happen to us, we often think it is “us” doing something wrong.

To be honest it amazes me to see the majority of the people (I am in contact with) cling to this idea of ‘happily ever after’. Even the more experienced woman which were dumped by their husband with three, four or more children. The really sad thing is, that they either hate their husband and maybe even men and infect their children or that they – despite their own experience – make their daughters believe in “they lived happily ever after”.

If there is 30/70 chance to be happily ever after, what would you teach your daughter and sons to be prepared for life? I do not want to say it is 30/70 of 40/60 or whatever it is, what can we teach how can we prepare them for the fact that life is beautiful if you you learn to face and properly deal with the challenges it throws at you.


I am soul in a male body and I "think" I came into this life to learn about love and lovers

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