How sweet is love – love for your country?

Is a sweet love sweet like sugar? Does it leave a taste on the tongue? Or is it just a word for a feeling we have no better way to describe?

Can the love for your country be sweet? With this sentence of course I agreed that we use it for a relationship! I use it too! I use it even if I know that it does not mean what I feel, but it is close, but not limited to my mouth or tongue, where we actually have a limited area, that recognizes sweetness.

since old the lions sybolized the ones in poerIf we hear a story, see a picture or a movie, it can trigger an emotion, a feeling inside us, which is similar to the feeling when we eat sugar. For me having climbed the tree of life fairly high, being slightly overweight and having sugar every day (in my coffee for example) I no longer can generate this feeling. Sad!?
I think it is better to be “wealthy” and able to sweeten my coffee ever day than being able once a month to generate this feeling.
How sweet is love? I like the term “Heart warming” better. But again it might be closer to being a feeling but not really what we mean with the term “Sweet love”.

If I think about my wife and what a benefit she is to me, my life and my family, I well might have a heartwarming feeling and not thinking “How Sweet”.
If I think about my country I might get a heartwarming feeling. But why? Did you ever ask yourself why you love your country? I assume you are not part of the elite (financially) of your country. But look around. Poor people, underdogs, even people punished by the establishment (victims of political persecution) seem to love their country. Why?
I should not ask these questions, because like a hydra you cut the head of one question and two or more questions replace the previous one.
One answer is that we identify! We pity things we look down too, but we like to identify with things bigger than ourselves. A lot of Germans identified with Hitler, as did many Russians with Stalin, Chinese with Mao and …

I have to admit it was a concept I did not grow up with! Probably it was the situation after the war, that there was not a truly established ruling class or they were playing low, or at least internally I was part of the 68 generation wanting something new. I remember I had made friends with an American soldier, part of the occupying forces, and when he spoke about his President he almost whispered in awe. It was so strange for me, that now 40 years later I still can recall the feeling I had, observing him.
He was a dear friend by then, and I am sure he would have died willingly for his President and country.

How sweet!

Btw do you want know what really gives me goose bumps? Stories of love and stories of duty across the border of life (lifetime might be a better term)!

I am soul in a male body and I "think" I came into this life to learn about love and lovers

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