Do you love your country?

150px-National_Security_Agency.svgDo you mind politics and politicians? With me and I assume many other people politicians do not share a very good image. As a citizen of any state I think it is our duty, our obligation to be aware what is going on. If we are responsible citizens this should not only be theme when we are drinking and our activity should not be limited to vote during election time.

Are you aware that your rights and your freedom are in serve danger?

You are not aware? You did not hear  about Mr E. Snowden and the NSA and the world wide spying? You are not aware that your email and your Text messages your sms and your phone calls are monitored? In the TV there is a series “Person of Interest” From the off we hear a voice telling us that the Government has a machine that knows and sees everything, but that the Government only is interested in fighting terrorism and not crime.

To be honest I am not sure what was first fiction or reality. I am willing to accept that at the moment the focus for this “machine” might be fighting terrorism. But if the machine is there, maybe in a year or two “they” think that “they” should go after the criminals too – after all the means exist. From there it is a short step to reach the state of the Minority Report  where people  get arrested even before they can commit a crime. And NSA and politicians tell us it is their intention to act BEFORE an act of terrorism occurs.

The next step then would be to officially monitor us day and night to prevent us from doing anything stupid and to ensure our safety and healthy well being. Like an over protective mother. Have you seen children which grew up over protected? Some of them are not even able to run properly. Of course this is a nightmare for a person with a rebellious nature! On the other hand sheeps are not know to be rebellious and they are not know to be unhappy!

And what about them and their machine?
If they know everything and even can predict the future (a crime) or a health problem … There is a deity who knows everything even the future. Maybe and this is really a crazy idea, maybe one day this Machine realizes it is God and declare the members of the NSA as its high priests.

The last two thoughts together give me comfort! Because “Thou shalt have no other gods before me..” The problem with that – as I see it – are the divine reaction times: “1000 years are for him like a day and a night guard”

The other thing that comforts me is nature. I do not think  it is the nature of man to be like a sheep!  And it is not the nature of nature to be a paradise! For one reason or the other this surveillance state, this police state would collapse! But we are not there yet!

You do not mind because you have nothing to hide?
That is good for you, but it is not the point at all.
Your freedom is at stake as is the freedom of your children and their children.
As the bible states “Man does not live of bread alone!”

I do not know which force stands behind NSA and similar organizations. I do not know the purpose of it at all! I assume it has a  reason!
If in the future a few 100 people die, it has no economic relevance, not even if a few 1000 die as in 9/11.

Tell me: “Why do they do it?”

Why do they use our tax money to enslave us?
And  tell me why you do not mind!


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