I am back!

I have to apologize for not saying “good-bye” in a proper way.
By then I had a daytime job in the environmental field and on top of that was offered a full-time translation job. I thought I would be able to handle both and for some time did. I could for some time, but this left no time for writing this blog.
I fell in love with the translation work again and worked over time. So much overtime I could not continue with me environmental job.
To be honest at the end of each day I was happy to leave the PC and the screen behind me and spare my eyes more stress.

I reworked this former blog a little and made it a new book which is available in Amazon.
The link is http://www.amazon.com/dp/A23Q55YBOSJDQO

Short description: Enjoy more than 50 articles about the theme of Love and how we humans handle it, suffer failure and ideas how to avoid the pitfalls.It is not a cooking book that solves your relationship problems but rather an idea giver where to look to overcome a stand still or how to rejuvenate the marriage and the love for each other

But to read and rework made me want to start writing again. Writing this blog.
Not really this blog because I plan to write in a somehow broader spectrum. Up to now it was manly between two grow up but now I plan because I wanted to help people bringing more love into their live. On the one side to open up mow streams they did not think of before and on the other hand to remove blockages caused by behavior sanctioned by the tradition or by us ourselves due to bad experiences.

I am not sure if I will be able to write as regular as before. To avoid coming here in vain I suggest you subscribe and will not miss a single post.
I do not want to sound like a promo girl, but maybe you should consider buying the new book from Amazon. It is less than 6 US$, more than 130 regular pages. So you get a lot of letters for your money.
I also would like if you tell your friends about this blog and last but not least the themes that you would like to read about.


I am soul in a male body and I "think" I came into this life to learn about love and lovers

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