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The Curse of Being a Princess

Today I am going to tell you a sad story. It is the story of a woman and man in a far place and I guess even far in time. The woman was a little princess, like all the woman there. Then on day a man crossed her path and because she was not very experienced, she thought this feeling she felt was love. It made her feel good but she was a smart woman too. Like a princess in a mud kingdom she had grown up under hard conditions,

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The Paul-Effect or why am I so Jealous

You know JEALOUSY! What is it? It is a feeling. It is a feeling that sets in when we see a loved one being joyous with someone else (mostly of the opposite sex…..

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I am good looking, smart, rich and well equipped …

… and of course a liar. Or as they say here:”Joke lang”, just a joke.
But did you ever ask yourself what attracts you to the other gender? Yes I know, sometimes there is …

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