Was it real love?

We are humans and for us it is not uncommon to either dwell in the past or think about the future. Due to my book “Make Love Work” I was addressed by are reader who wanted to know if her

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Are you a princess?

So your father told you you are a princess? Or did he say you are his princess?  I like the TV show Big Bang Theory. One of the characters there – Amy – is crazy about wearing a tiara. I

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A new book and a request

I published another book in Amazon (congratulation hehehe).  You know they say no tow things can occupy the same space at the same time. So if there is love there is no space for fear and vice verse. My new

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How sweet is love – love for your country?

Is a sweet love sweet like sugar? Does it leave a taste on the tongue? Or is it just a word for a feeling we have no better way to describe? Can the love for your country be sweet? With

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Do you love your country?

Do you mind politics and politicians? With me and I assume many other people politicians do not share a very good image. As a citizen of any state I think it is our duty, our obligation to be aware what

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Christmas in San Pablo, Laguna

Christmas is near. But looking at the people they almost seem to busy to see the beauty, Enjoy!

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I am back!

I have to apologize for not saying “good-bye” in a proper way. By then I had a daytime job in the environmental field and on top of that was offered a full-time translation job. I thought I would be able

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